Strategy Development (TA-SD)

  • Support the digital transformation of materials science through a community-driven process.
  • Monitoring, analysis, feedback of the current state in the community.

Materials Data Infrastructure (TA-MDI)

  • Provision of a digital materials environment (DME) to represent materials data and MatWerk-specific metadata.
  • Provide services for easy storage, sharing, searching, and analysis of data and metadata.
  • Ensure integrity, provenance, and authorship of data (FAIR principles).

Ontologies for Materials Science (TA-OMS)

  • Standardization of materials ontology, including individualized materials ontologies for homegrown tools and workflows.
  • Implementation of a knowledge graph to retrieve data based on their metadata.

Community Interaction (TA-CI)

  • Ensure active participation and lively exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences among researchers and associated stakeholders in the MSE community.
  • Provide and conduct education and training for researchers, technical professionals, students.
  • Planned TA-CI activities, including creating collaborative platforms, interactive workshops, and annual conferences.

Workflows and Software Development (TA-WSD)

  • Development of a software framework
  • Creation, standardization, and implementation of scientific workflows, automated protocols for experiments, simulation studies, etc.

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