Participant Projects and Infrastructure Use Cases

The goal of a tight community integration into the development of a digital materials infrastructure requires processes, which allow to translate ‘real’ scientific workflows and the related research data handling into infrastructure requirements and their implementation. The resulting infrastructure services and products need to be interoperable and easy to assemble into individual workflows, which help researchers to accelerate their work and improve the quality and reusability of their data and tools (FAIR Principles). To ensure that the specific needs of the researchers in MSE are addressed, Participant Projects (PPs) have been selected together with the community to derive Infrastructure Use-Cases (IUCs), which are used to guide the development of the materials digital infrastructure. The current PPs are listed in the following, if you are interested to contribute another PP, please contact us here.

Infrastructure requirements resulting from various research scenarios (e.g., PPs) are collected and specified in the form of Infrastructure Use Cases (IUCs). For this purpose, PPs and other research scenarios are analyzed as community inputs regarding their individual data management challenges. The resulting specification of the technological requirements are compared and related to the relevant measures in all task areas. The different IUCs provide research-relevant usage profiles („queries“) with real data and workflows that allows realistic testing during and at the end of development periods. On this basis, NFDI-MatWerk implements (a) Quality assurance for implementation and deployment, (b) a constant alignment of all activities with overarching goals and (c) a clear future perspective for the next development steps of the research data infrastructure. The current IUCs are listed in the following: