IUC02 Framework for curation and distribution of reference datasets

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Main Task Area: TA-MDI
Other related Task Areas: TA-CI, TA-WSD, TA-OMS
Possible connections within NFDI: NFDI4Ing
Material/Data: Single crystal Ni-based superalloys / Creep data
Main Success Scenario: Users can find and access single crystal Ni-based superalloy reference data sets with full information about uncertainties regarding the data, material, production and measurement process to validate own measurements and models.
Added value for the MatWerk community: General framework for the definition, selection, curation and distribution of reference data sets, best practice example.

Main Requirements

  • Steered community process (definition of criteria for reference data)
  • Data governance (usage analytics for reference data)
  • MDE backend (data registration, PID, authenticity of reference data)
  • Metadata store (search and discover of data and interrelationships)
  • Incentivation mechanisms
  • Legal aspects (licenses)

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The aim of this IUC is to develop a framework for reference material data sets using creep properties of single crystal Ni-based superalloy as example. Such reference data sets are necessary for (i) evaluating and validating experimental/modeling methods and their uncertainties, (ii) assessing the performance of analysis, modelling and simulation tools by use of standardized processes and (iii) providing comprehensive material descriptions (e.g., meta-data schemas and ontologies). Community-driven processes will be established for the definition, identification and curation of reference material data sets, including metadata, raw data and processed data, and quality assessment routines. Reference data set will contain detailed meta-data and context concerning materials history, data collection (e.g., testing and measurement equipment, calibration status/certificate) and the related specific uncertainty/error (measurement, model, simulation). Existing data on Ni-base superalloys from PP18 BAM and PP01 SFB/TR103 will be used, where superalloys have been well characterized using a broad spectrum of characterization methods and in-depth data is available.