PP01 From atoms to turbine blades

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Acronym:CRC/TRR 103
Contact:Dr. habil. Thomas Hammerschmidt, Ruhr-University, Bochum
DFG Classification:405-01, -04 Materials Engineering; 406-03, -04 Materials Science
Material/ Methodology:Ni-based and Co-based single-crystal superalloys, metallic complex solid solutions / experiments and simulations
Engagement:24 projects in CRC/TRR103, 10 of them on ‘Machine-Learning and Material Informatics‘

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The CRC/TRR 103 “From Atoms to Turbine Blades – A Scientific Basis for a New Generation of Single Crystal Superalloys” is dedicated to the development of single-crystal superalloys that play a crucial role for the efficiency of gas turbines for aero engines and power plants. Scale-bridging characterization and scale-bridging modeling at the five involved institutions (RU Bochum, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, MPIE Düsseldorf, DLR Köln and FZ Jülich) generate a treasure of data on the evolution of the superalloy microstructure during processing and service and the resulting material properties. The CRC/TRR 103 just started its third funding phase and can contribute vast and comprehensive data for a narrowly focused material system as well as the expert knowledge in structuring and mining the heterogeneous data on superalloys.