PP02 Defect phases in structural materials

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Acronym:CRC 1394
Contact:Prof. Dr. Sandra Korte-Kerzel, RWTH Aachen; Dr. Jörg Neugebauer, MPIE Düsseldorf
DFG Classification:405-01, -04 Materials Engineering; 406-03, -04 Materials Science
Material/ Methodology:Thermodynamic and Kinetics of Defects / Simulations and Experiments
Engagement:15 project groups

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In materials physics the thermodynamic descriptions of crystalline phases have enabled materials scientists and engineers to tailor and process alloys while obtaining the desired internal structure at the microscale. At the same time, improving control over crystal defects which govern the material’s strength, formability and corrosion resistance, has led to the development of new alloying and processing concepts. The vision of this CRC1394 is to bridge the gap and combining both approaches into a novel conceptual framework. This PP therefore represents a fundamental direction in materials science. Further, it represents methods of combining atomic-scale data from experiment and simulation, as well as thermodynamics, mechanics and corrosion.