PP03 Method development for mechanical joinability in versatile process chains

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Acronym:CRC/TRR 285
Contact:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerson Meschut; Dr.-Ing. Mathias Bobbert, Universität Paderborn
DFG Classification:401-03 Production Technology; 402-01, -02, -03 Mechanics and Constructive Mechanical Engineering; 405-04 Materials Science
Material/ Methodology:Joining processes and loaded joints (metals, FRP) / Experiments and Simulations
Engagement:15 project groups

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A growing number of material-geometry-combinations in all areas of product manufacturing requires not only a reliable prognosis of the joinability, but also in particular the versatility of mechanical joining processes. The vision of the CRC/TRR 285 is to ensure the mechanical joinability in versatile process chains. Using the example of mechanical joints, an interdisciplinary team of researchers is investigating methods for transformability in the three areas of material (joining suitability), design (joining safety) and production (joining possibility) as well as for reliable prognosis and design of the joinability. In the long term, a flexible, transferable and cross-industry design methodology will be available.