IUC01 Web-based demonstration and teaching framework for MSE research data infrastructure

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Main Task Area: TA-CI
Other related Task Areas: TA-MDI, TA-WSD
Possible connections within NFDI: NFDI4Ing, FAIRmat
Material/Data: Teaching
Main Success Scenario: Students can experience the the full functionality of the DME and learn to use workflows with pre-existing datasets and ontologies.
Added value for the MatWerk community: teaching personnel can tailor the demo framework as well as datasets and workflows to match their study courses.

Main requirements

  • Support for the development of academic teaching materials (TA-CI)
  • DME (TA-MDI)
  • Validated and well-documented workflows (TA-CI)

Related Participant Projects


New developments in digitalization and data science needs to be transferred to the new generation of scientists and professionals. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate these concepts already during their university studies and life-long learning. The IUC aims to provide the necessary materials related demonstration and teaching infrastructure. EUSMAT will provide its international study programmes, like the Erasmus Mundus Master AMASE, and its network of international partners for implementing the designed modules for all academic levels, taking in account also intercultural aspects. In addition to that, the PP participant universities will be at the forefront of implementation and testing. Evaluations will be conducted after the training activities in order to identify potential ways of improvement. The modules will be made available for the MSE community for being implemented in other study programmes.