IUC03 Storage concepts for large hierarchical datasets

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Main Task Area: TA-MDI
Other related Task Areas: TA-WSD, TA-Strategy
Possible connections within NFDI: NFDI4Ing, FAIRmat
Material/Data: (mainly) metallic materials/tomographic data and related simulations with focus on large datasets
Main Success Scenario: Large amounts data from various, scale-bridging tomography methods of a given sample as well as simulations can be fused, specific volume elements can be accessed at different scales.
Added value for the MatWerk community: An exemplary implementation of a storage concept for large fused and linked
datasets which is accessible through the DME and a web-based interface.

Main requirements

  • Digital Materials Environment (DME) Backend (MDI)
  • Materials Data Infrastructure Support (MDI)
  • Connection of workflows and ontologies (WSD)

Related Participant Projects


Tomographic data from different techniques (e.g. Atom Probe Tomography, FIB/EBSD serial sectioning) and related simulations need to be stored in the DME in accordance with the underlying ontology for materials tomography and with reference coordinate systems that allow for the fusion of the datasets. A particular challenge here is the large amount of data that needs to be integrated and accessed, testing the performance and scalability of the DME.