IUC06 Integrating materials data from experiments and computation (ICME) into Industry 4.0 manufacturing paradigms

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Main Task Area: TA-WSD
Other related Task Areas: TA-MDI, TA-OMS
Possible connections within NFDI: NFDI4Ing
Material/Data: Polymeric matrix material reinforced with glass and carbon fibers / Computed tomography data, thermophysical properties on different scales (e.g. stiffness, heat capacity), process data (e.g. molding pressure or temperature), product design data (e.g. part, bead, ribs geometry)
Main Success Scenario: Users can integrate materials data into digital representations of process and manufacturing chains and make the data accessible for the community.
Added value for the MatWerk community: An infrastructural framework coupling and materials data and industryrelevant manufacturing processes with their model representations (digital twins).

Main requirements

  • Data storage infrastructure and DME platform for data from different levels of the process chain
  • Workflows combining physical and synthetic data on different levels of the process chain

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This IUC provides a framework for the integration of materials data into I4.0 manufacturing data infrastructures. This will be implemented as a physical process chain of two polymer systems (sheet molding compounds (SMC), long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT)). The materials data will be integrated in a material database infrastructure. The simulation models are part of a model hierarchy which will be further developed/integrated into a materials model ontology. Based on the model ontology the compatibility of simulation models and material data can be examined and analyzed. Model ontologies are a prerequisite for ontology based knowledge systems and will be made available for the class of long fiber reinforced polymers.