IUC12 Alignment of application- and higher-level ontologies

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Main Task Area: TA-OMS
Other related Task Areas: TA-SD
Possible connections within NFDI: all consortia, in particular NFDI4Ing, FAIRmat, NFDI4Chem
Material/Data: Other ontologies, e.g. EMMO, ontologies from NIST
Main Success Scenario: Users are able to easily connect application and higher level ontologies with general ontologies.
Added value for the MatWerk community: Consistently interface with all neighboring communities and benefit from their expertise.

Main requirements

  • Existing application domain or general ontologies
  • Basis ontology advisory
  • Ontology development support
  • Software Interfaces for ontology alignment

Related Participant Projects


This IUC is mainly dedicated to all aspects touching upon the question how to create the connection between domain and application ontologies with general ontologies. Such “ontology matching” is crucial for enabling the interoperability between different (sub-)domains and therefore important for linking different sub-domains within NFDI-MatWerk. Furthermore, it is one of the prerequisites for creating a well-connected “network” of ontologies across different NFDI consortia. One of the main challenges is the dynamic alignment of ontologies that are constantly changing and developing. The “data” required for this IUC are the existing application domain or general ontologies.
Besides a number of PPs, a close interaction with NFDI4Ing is planned in particular with regards to their base services Measure S-3 “Metadata and terminology services”.