IUC15 Method- and scale-bridging workflows and data structures for tomography

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Main Task Area: TA-OMS
Other related Task Areas: TA-CI, TA-WSD
Possible connections within NFDI: NFDI4Ing, FAIRmat
Material/Data: Tomographic data and related mechanical simulations of mainly metallic materials
Main Success Scenario: A description of scale- and method-bridging ontology and workflows has been developed which allows to connect tomographic (meta-)data and related mechanical simulations from a given sample.
Added value for the MatWerk community: A general framework for workflows and metadata of materials tomographies and related microstructure features is supplied.

Main requirements

  • Ontology development support (TA-OMS)
  • Multiscale-bridging ontologies (TA-OMS)
  • Support from professional societies to identify relevant data by involvement of expert committees (TA-CI)
  • Metadata Store (TA-MDI)
  • Graphical programming language (TA-WSD)

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Materials tomography methods and resulting data vary strongly depending on the method used, the experimental approach and the workflow for post-processing, i.e. creating a reconstructed volume from the raw data for further analysis and mechanical simulations. Currently, there is no established protocol which would allow to conduct all necessary steps in a well-defined manner. The resulting data from different methods are therefore not interconnected and workflows are intransparent. An ontology for materials tomography data on different scales and related mechanical simulations needs to be developed in order to solve this issue. The ontology, which will be developed with the help of expert societies, will provide a framework of relevant (meta-)data and workflows that need to be recorded in order to provide a meaningful and transparent description of the way from data acquisition to reconstructed volume and further analysis.