PP06 Working group modeling of oxygen-free production

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Acronym:CRC 1368
Contact:Jun. Prof. Dr. Nina Gunkelmann, Technische Universität Clausthal
DFG Classification:406-04 Materials Science
Material/ Methodology:Composites between pure aluminum and iron and later alloys / MD simulations to study atomic interactions at interfaces, transfer to the continuum scale by multiscale simulations
Engagement:Working group modeling consisting of 13 projects

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The influence of oxide layers on the physical properties of the bonding of composites will be investigated using multiscale simulations to understand different production processes. In particular, process conditions that lead to high-quality, metallurgically-bonded compounds are identified. The basic dependencies of the bond strength on oxygen concentration, temperature and oxide layer thickness will be investigated for interfaces. The hardness of the materials as an indicator for the quality of the joint will be determined experimentally by nanoindentation and compared with simulation values. By transferring the results to larger length and time scales, a cross-scale model for the fundamental understanding of the processes of joining technology is to be developed.