PP09 The Digital Transformation in Materials Testing: Necessary Actions for the Paradigm Change in Enterprises

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Contact: Prof. Martina Zimmermann, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden
DFG Classification: 405-04 Materials Engineering; 407-05 Systems Engineering; 409-06 Computer Science
Material/ Methodology: various materials / digital lab book, workflow management in the lab, knowledge system
Engagement :7 Partners

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Within the research project DiWan (within the framework of the BMBF-call “Zukunft der Arbeit”) a digital expert-/assistance system will be developed consisting of an electronic lab book, a digital job and workflow management and a material and knowledge database. The project focuses on the digital transformation of skilled workers rather than academic staff within the MSE community. The DiWanconsortium consists of participants from research institutes, industry and experts from the fields machine learning and work psychology. The digital assistance / expert system developed within DiWanshall be compatible with the DME of the NFDI-MatWerk. Focus group of DiWanwill be skilled workers, hence educational material has to be developed and shall be integrated within and mirrored by the activities within NFDI-MatWerk. Experimental workflows for metallographic preparation routines including metadata will be defined and structured within the knowledge system of DiWan, an exchange and evaluation of the approach shall be discussed with the domain competence “experimental workflow” of NFDI-MatWerk.