PP12 Data Science in MSE education, qualification and life-long learning

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Contact:Prof. Frank Mücklich, Saarland University; Prof. Stefan Sandfeld, TU Freiberg; Prof. Alexander Hartmaier, RUB Bochum
DFG Classification:406-04 Materials Science
Material/ Methodology:Independent of a specific material/methodology. Supports teaching with a focus on using data science methods in MSE.
Engagement:3 University chairs, 1 group leader at DFKI.

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Making the digital transformation in MSE part of education and qualification is central for sustainable dissemination of concepts developed by NFDI-Matwerk. Specialised modules (e.g. lectures, seminars, etc.) will be developed together with experts in data science and informatics, in order to provide students with the proper tools for future developments in the field (part of the new transversal skill module). Special attention will be paid to implementation of FAIR criteria and psychology of change management. The educational foundation of this project is given by the European School of Materials (EUSMAT), situated at Saarland University. EUSMAT is coordinating and developing international study and exchange programs in MSE from Bachelor to PhD level since 2008. It has repeatedly received funding from the European Commission and relies on an international network comprised of universities in Spain, France, Sweden, Italy and Austria.