PP13 Tomography and Microstructure-based Modelling

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Contact:Prof. Frank Mücklich, Prof. Stefan Diebels, Prof. Hans-Georg Herrmann, Saarland University
DFG Classification:405-04 Materials Engineering; 406-03, -04 Materials Science
Material/ Methodology:Mainly metallic materials, e.g. steels, aluminium alloys, Ti-6-4 / Atom Probe Tomography, nano-CT, FIB/SEM Tomography, Metallographic Serial Sectioning, Mechanical FE Simulation, Material Modeling.
Engagement:3 chairs at Saarland University

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Tomographic methods on different scales are essential tools in materials research. Each method spans a characteristic area in the resolution-volume-space from atoms to millimeters. However, the resulting data are isolated from each other in terms of compatibility and description. This project therefore aims at demonstrating how scale-bridging tomographic data of a sample and derived mechanical simulations can be combined and made accessible in the sense of NFDI and FAIR criteria. This involves identifying relevant data by the community, development of an ontology to properly describe the different techniques, development of software tools to gather generated data and derived results and to integrate this into the shared materials knowledge fabric. Finally, a workflow for the transfer of tomography data to related multi-scale simulations will be established. Relevance for the MSE community is given by the broad range of methods covered and incorporation of national expert committees.