PP16 Profile Area Advanced Materials Engineering TU Kaiserslautern

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Contact:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tilmann Beck; Prof. Dr. Heike Leitte, TU Kaiserslautern
DFG Classification:405-04 Materials Engineering; 409-05 Computer Science
Material/ Methodology:Metallic alloys / Analysis of mechanical as well as physical properties and microstructure / Development of interactive visual data exploration and topological data analysis tools
Engagement:15 Professors with their working groups involved in AME

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AME is an interdisciplinary collaboration of materials research, production and process engineering and computer science. Institute of Material Science and Engineering (WKK) focuses on experimental investigations of microstructure and mechanical properties of metallic alloys. For a comprehensive microstructure characterization on different length scales MOKE, SEM, SEM-FIB and XRD as well as mechanical testing like cyclic micro-indentation and fatigue experiments as well as characterization of physical properties are realized within CRC926 “Morphology of Components Surfaces” and CRC/TRR176 “SPIN+X”. Institute of Visual Information Analysis (VIA) is focused on machine-learning-based interactive data analytics and works together with engineering and physics within IRTG 2057, Forschungsbau LPME and a Carl-Zeiss Perspective Project. Together, both institutes will contribute in NFDI-MatWerk by works on digital transformation of experimental data and expertise in a stable and robust infrastructure for breadth use.