PP20 Mat-o-Lab – Materials-open-Laboratory

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Contact:Prof. Manfred Füting, Dr. Thomas Hanke
DFG Classification:405-01 Metallurgical, Thermal and Thermomechanical Treatment of Materials; -02 Materials in Sintering Processes and Generative Manufacturing Processes; -03 Coating and Surface Technology; -04 Mechanical Properties of Metallic Materials and their Microstructural Origins; -05 Glass, Ceramics and Derived Composites; -06 Polymeric and Biogenic Materials and Derived Composites; 406-04 Computer-Aided Design of Materials and Simulation of Materials Behaviour from Atomic to Microscopic Scale
Material/ Methodology:Al-alloys, fiber-composites / Fraunhofer Materials Ontology Stack for Methods and Processes
Engagement:Experts of Fraunhofer MATERIALS (18 Fraunhofer Institutes) and BAM

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The Materials-Open-Lab as a joined venture between Fraunhofer Alliance MATERIALS and Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) aims to digitalize research results and research workflows by building a strong data foundation side by side with an open source ontology stack spanning from manufacturing processes to research methods and workflows. The project aims for a comprehensive data ecosystem that is designed to participate in the NFDI but is also industry 4.0 ready and still ensures data sovereignty of all participants. Mat-o-Lab with its close community ties to one of the biggest Fraunhofer Alliances aims to enable domain experts to integrate their data and methods and also participate in the creation of an ontology stack semantically connecting the whole data economy. The cooperation with BAM ensures this aims by the aspects of standardization and regularity and includes best practice examples and valid high-quality data.