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Elevate Your Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Project's Journey with NFDI-MatWerk

  • Digital Mastery: Join NFDI-MatWerk to tailor a digital MSE infrastructure that meets your project's needs and advances your scientific reach.
  • Knowledge Expansion: Benefit from our expertise in materals science and data management to enhance your team's skills and reasearch quality.
  • Outreach Amplification: Share your project's insights on NFDI-MatWerk's platform, reaching a wider audience and influential networks in MSE for digitization and RDM.
  • Strategic Embedding: Ingetrate your project into a larger ecosystem, collaborating with top experts and accessing state-of-the-art tools and services.
  • Visibility Boost: Increase your project's visibility through our annual conference and NFDI-wide events, establishing your presence in the MSE community.

Participant Projects (PPs) Criteria

  • What They Are: PPs are selected from ongoing scientific projects or areas within Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) or their institutions based on specific criteria.

  • Their Role: They serve as examples of typical research data management tasks, demonstrating the range of scientific operations served by our mateirals research data infrastructure.

  • Participation Criteria: Participation is a two-way street. PPs provide data, tools, solutions, and knowledge. In return they gain experience with digital infrastructure and profit from knowledge enhancement, outreach, and increased visibility in the community.

  • Inclusion Criteria: In particular, PPs include major collaborative efforts such as Clusters of Excellence, Collaborative Research Centers, and International Research Training Groups that meet NFDI-MatWerk's broad community outreach criteria.

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