Close cooperation with national and international digitization initiatives

The NFDI-MatWerk combines the fundamental understanding of solid-state physics and chemistry (NFDI4FairMat) with the engineering world (NFDI4Ing). Therefore, the NFDI-MatWerk will work closely with the NFDI4FairMat and NFDI4Ing as well as NFDI4Chem and, when available, NFDI4Physics to make complex materials information (materials intelligence) from electrons to the continuum available to engineers. 

The consortium will also collaborate with crucial materials platforms at the national and international levels. At the national level, the consortium will be in close contact with the BMBF's Material Digital platform, which will develop pilot projects to contribute to developing a material-centric data space using examples from academia and industry. 

In addition, the consortium will work closely with the national efforts of the Fraunhofer Alliance for Materials Development, which is developing the MDS materials data space integrated with the Fraunhofer Digital Initiative to initiate an overarching structured data space. Other national initiatives come from Helmholtz, such as the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF) and the Max Planck Society.

Internationally, there are links to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), in particular through KIT, which is heavily involved in several EOSC-related and precursor projects, as well as through FhG-IWM, which - together with KIT - is involved in one of the new EOSC projects (namely the EOSC Pillar) to connect national research data infrastructures in the European member states, especially in the fields of materials science and engineering.

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the National Research Data Infrastructure – NFDI 38/1 – 460247524

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