"NFDI-MatWerk" structures decentrally hosted data collections

Expand and facilitate data access for materials researchers - The NFDI-MatWerk's vision explained in a video

If you want to find the optimal materials for a particular application – whether it’s a rotor blade for a wind turbine, a plastic bench, or a robust screw – you need as many meaningful data as you can find. Better access to such data is now promised by a project led by Freiburg scientists and involving the livMatS Cluster of Excellence: "NFDI-MatWerk". It aims to structure as many decentrally hosted data collections as possible in the field of materials science and materials engineering. "NFDI-MatWerk" is one of ten consortia of the National Research Infrastructure NFDI, a digital, distributed infrastructure that offers science in Germany services and consulting services related to the management of research data.

You want to get to know the NFDI-MatWerk initiative? Have a look for the image video.

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