Cultural Change and FAIR Data: Julia Mohrbacher reports from #CoRDI2023

From 12 to 14 September 2023, the 1st CoRDI was the venue for the interdisciplinary exchange of NFDI consortia. The event was not only characterized by professional exchange but also by discussions on cultural change in the context of digital transformation.

FAIR research data management is the humus for new knowledge - we are part of a cultural shift towards sustainable sharing of research data. Read the report of our project coordinator and strategic manager Julia Mohrbacher:

"I am part of it: Within the NFDI, a team of people from very different consortia has come together in the spring of 2022 to address the issue of cultural change in research data management. "If only all our problems were technical," said Prof. Christine Borgman in her inspiring keynote, and for me she hit the nail on the head: we can create an incredible research data management infrastructure with our combined NFDI power. But the real impact comes when the infrastructure is used by researchers and, most importantly, when research data is shared to connect knowledge and create more knowledge from it. This is not only because the pressure to make FAIR data available is growing, but also because researchers themselves are becoming more aware of the value of making data reusable and sharing data for their own purposes.

To help with this, we're now looking for use cases, and good stories where research data management works: because someone went the extra mile, because the environment made it possible. And we are also looking for those stories where major hurdles have prevented FAIR research data management. We want to extract and derive guidance and help from them and make it available. This is just one component of our ideas to drive culture change."

If you have a story like this, please share it with us at the bottom below: 

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