NFDI Management Circle Sports Festival 2024: Strengthening Collaboration and Innovation Across NFDI

The NFDI Management Circle Sports Festival 2024 brought together coordinators and managers from all NFDI consortia at Freiburg University, Germany, for an engaging and productive event. Themed „NFDI as a team - together we will win", the meeting focused on improving collaboration, discussing key performance indicators, and fostering innovation across the consortia.

A highlight of the event was Chris Eberl's presentation on advances in living materials research from our participating project, livmats. He emphasized the growing importance of digitization in materials science and engineering. This talk highlighted the critical role of digital tools in accelerating research and fostering more effective collaboration.

The NFDI Management Circle remains committed to promoting forward-thinking approaches and fostering collaboration across consortia. This festival not only strengthened the sense of community, but also set the stage for future collaboration and innovation. The event underscored ongoing efforts to integrate digital advances into the sciences, in line with our shared goals of knowledge sharing and progress.

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the National Research Data Infrastructure – NFDI 38/1 – 460247524

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