Great interest in the online introductory event on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

The increasing importance of electronic laboratory notebooks in the materials sciences prompted participants to get to know and exchange information on six ELNs as part of the NFDI-MatWerk initiative in early December 2022.

Are you already using an ELN? - We are in process of introducing an ELN" - Most of the participants in a live survey of the introductory event on electronic laboratory notebooks confirmed what is commonplace in the laboratory. Electronic Laboratory Notebooks are well known but still established in institutional research data management.

On December 08, 2022, the NFDI-MatWerk initiative hosted the online English-language session "Electronic Laboratory Notebooks - What they are and why we need them," organized by the Community Interaction Task Area. In the introductory session, the following six ELNs already in use in the MatWerk community were presented in 20-minute pitches:

- eLabFTW

- openBIS


- Labfolder

- Chemotion


The speakers demonstrated the application of their lab books to the approximately 170 participants using the image and data material from hardness analysis, pore analysis, SEM, and tensile testing provided by Fraunhofer IWS Dresden. The results of the live survey and final Q&A round reflected the great interest and need in our MatWerk community on the topic of ELN. 

Find the presentation here.

You have missed the event? Up to and including January 15, 2023, you can watch the online session on-demand after registration. If you are interested in a regular exchange on ELNs in general or one of the presented ELNs, please write an email to:

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